The State Medical Board of Ohio requires graduation from a 750 hour  Massage Therapy Program, then passing the State given exam for Licensure in Massage Therapy. Continuing Education is required, 48 hours every 4 years.

West Virginia has only a 450 hour program.
Kentucky has only a 600 hour requirement.



​The quickest way to have massage is to call 740.446.6800 or 740.339.2777 and schedule an appointment with Mark.

We have 30, 60, and 90 minute sessions available.

We accept cash, check, or credit  cards.

We also accept any Insurance Company that reimburses Massage Therapists.

The first session we charge cash  and collect your information, and will check availability.

Please note any insurance billing must have a prescription from a Doctor, Chiropractor, Nurse Practitioner or other qualified Health Professional.

This prescription must have a diagnosis, frequency and duration of sessions.

​Mark sends the doctor updates and progress notes. 



Massage techniques vary from person to person, depending upon school, instructors and interest, and especially upon Continuing Education. Mark primarily focuses on Medical Massage, a Certification beyond Licensed Massage Therapist.

Medical Massage
Medical Massage concentrates on restoring postural  imbalances. Postural balance decreases stress on other body systems, thereby decreasing pain and strains. Medical Massage also increases immune system response and helps other body systems work more efficiently.

Therapeutic & Medical Massage
Mark supplements Medical Massage with Therapeutic Massage. Chinese Massage Techniques are coordinated with acupuncture theory and acupressure techniques to positively effect the energy systems, or meridians in the body. The meridians of the body control muscle tone.

Stretching & Relaxation Techniques
Mark also teaches stretching for home use, and relaxation techniques called Qi Gong (pronounced chee-gong).

Myofascial Release
The above massage techniques are COMPLEMENTED by Myofascial (my-oh-fah-shul) Release, or connective tissue release by manual techniques. Fascial release decreases adhesions and connective tissue restrictions.

Craniosacral Therapy
CranioSacral Therapy is fascia release within the CranioSacral System: brain, spinal cord , nerves and connective tissues. This system feeds and cleans the brain. Imbalances and restrictions cause some superficial and some deep problems in the body. CranioSacral Therapy is a profoundly deep study of the anatomy  and physiology of the body and brain, and how all the pieces fit and work together, and how we can positively effect the systems, and then the whole person. 

Why Seek Medical Massage?
The following example illustrates one of the many reasons to incorporate regular Medical Massage sessions into your self care. A few other reasons are decrease of pain, increase range of motion, more effective immune system response. Medical Massage can improve quality of life!
Example: Jane Anybody starts having headaches. After a few weeks, she goes to the doctor, who will not give pain pills, due to some people abusing them. She gets no relief, the headaches last longer, her sleep quality is reduced due to not sleeping restfully, and waking with headaches. Plus, her neck is stiff a lot, she cannot turn her head, and she is finding herself grouchy and snapping at people. She has trouble concentrating because of pain, tried over the counter pain meds and sleep aids, some relief, not lasting. 

In this example, her problem is not headaches; nor is the problem all the resulting symptoms and loss of sleep, due to headache. Her problem is the CAUSE of the headaches.

Before adding medical massage, more serious problems, and neurological problems should have already been ruled out by her physician. The next cause could be tight muscular tissue and trigger points, or a myofascial constriction, or a subluxation (sometimes subluxation requires orthopedic or chiropractic  manipulation, or “adjustment” for postural balance). Also, there could be a serious medical problem which should be ruled out by getting her eyes checked. Once these are ruled out her answer may be receiving medical massage.

For Many People 
The Answer Is
​Medical Massage
A Medical Massage Therapist is trained to evaluate and address causations. When we restore energetic balance, we then in turn restore postural balance, which reduces stressors on the body, and allows our repair and rejuvenation to occur. This also amplifies our immune system, allowing us to resist germs and other tiny “critters."